Legal information concerning further use

Please note, that of this legal notice only the German language is authentic. You find it here.

FSD - Zentrale Stelle formally gives the user of this data medium the permission to copy, pass on, make accessible over internet, integrate in own work, and use in public technical presentations the here contained media and software completely or partly for proprietary purposes and free of charge under the following boundary conditions:

The original message of the respective content / media shall remain in the used form.

Logo and name of FSD - Zentrale Stelle shall remain in the original form at all points and passages.

FSD - Zentrale Stelle shall be clearly indicated as source for the used content / media.

The passing-on of the data medium or a copy of it, or of content of the data medium shall only be allowed if these terms of license are passed-on at the same time.

Each of the above mentioned terms of use can be annulled or changed with the consent of FSD - Zentrale Stelle.

This license shall be without prejudice to moral rights, legal and regulatory barriers concerning copyright law, and to other powers concerning private use.

We would be glad if you would inform us about the use of the data medium.
Please send a short mail to . Thanks in advance!

Your FSD - Zentrale Stelle, 2017